A Millennial’s Bendigo Cup Checklist

Dress? Check. Ride home?

A Millennial’s Bendigo Cup Checklist

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If you’re a true millennial with a disposable income, you probably see Bendigo Cup as a good excuse to purchase a new frock (that let’s be honest, you’re unlikely to wear ever again). Our tip? Scroll through insta for some hot Spring Carnival Fashion inspo and don’t be afraid to push the boundaries a little. Spring is all about colour, this year we’re seeing soft pinks and delicate frills making a big comeback.


Hat, Fascinator, Headband, Crown; they’re all great choices, just make sure you choose something that is going to stay on your head! There’s nothing worse than having to re-adjust or chase your fascinator after the wind picks up! Fortunately headbands are very on trend this season, but if you do choose an elastic-fastened number, take some spare bobby pins with you!



Guys have it so easy! Have you ever seen a guy walking home with his black lace up shoes in his hand? Ladies, if you’re taking a risk with new or uncomfortable shoes make sure you commit to them for the whole day! You don’t want to be taking your shoes off, there are too many nasty things on the ground, don’t end your day with a tetanus injection at the Bendigo Hospital! If you really need to take them off, carry some foldable flats in your bag, no bare feet please!



The age-old struggle, ‘Do I want to roam free with a General Admission Ticket? Or would I prefer the comfort and convenience of a marquee package?’. Whatever you decide, don’t leave it too late!


Plus One

Whether it’s your partner, a friend or a colleague, it’s a great idea to pair up with someone, for your personal safety and because it’s more fun. Decide on a designated meeting spot if you lose each other and regularly check-in with one another.


Getting Home

This should be #1 on your priority list, before you even leave the house, have a plan on how you’re going to get home after the Cup. Tee up a parent or friend to meet you at an agreed time at the end of the day, share a taxi with friends or if you’re the designated driver, make sure you’re under the limit when it’s time to leave.



The Details

What: 2017 Jayco Bendigo Cup

When: Wednesday 1 November 2017, Gates Open 10.30am

Where: Bendigo Jockey Club

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