Why Now's The Time To Look Out For Your LGBTQI Mates

Just be respectful

Why Now's The Time To Look Out For Your LGBTQI Mates

Reach Out says the responsibility falls on all of us to be respectful as tension ramps up towards Wednesday’s same sex marriage survey results.

“We’re calling on everybody to be respectful, particularly if this is a “Yes” and it goes to the parliamentary debate we’re hopeful that it can be moved through quickly and there isn’t the acrimony that we have seen during this postal survey period,” Jono Nicholas, CEO Reach Out said.

He explained the organization had seen a significant rise in access to their youth mental health services throughout the same sex marriage postal vote – and they expect struggle will continue for LGBTQI Australians.

“We seen a 40% surge in access to youth mental health service – that correlates to an extra 10,000 young people seeking help specifically around these issues.”

He said many people weren’t aware the rebate would continue beyond the survey result.

“We’ve heard many young people aren’t aware this isn’t the end point. We need to share with them that this isn’t the end phase, yes or no.”

As we near closer to Wednesday’s result, he said anxiety was rising for those personally affected by it.

“Anxiety is ramping up to Wednesday. The closer we get to Wednesday, the more anxious people get.”

“We’re putting a call out to employers to be sensitive as well – we know many people will be anxious having the result known when they are at work, can be particularly troubling or feeling like you’re exposed.”

“I think for the many people who aren’t directly affected this probably feel like another political football. For those that are directly affected this is about people voting on our relationships and people voting on the quality and nature of those relationships and that is deeply personal.”

As the debate continues from a postal vote to a parliamentary debate members of the LGBTI community will only need more support, he said.