IMPORTANT: The Original Tamagotchi Is Coming Back Next Month!

20 year anniversary

IMPORTANT: The Original Tamagotchi Is Coming Back Next Month! Youtube/DreamlikeMoon

Nobody who lived through the 90's, child or adult, could have avoided the Tamagotchi craze which took the world by storm. Would you believe me if I said that was 20 years ago next month?


Now, Tamagotchi's are coming back!


The tiny gadgets, or pocket pets, will go on sale next month in six different shell variations based on the original 1997 design form Japan. Each one includes six characters and comes in a replica of the original packaging.


If you've been living under a rock for a long time, or just arrived from Mars, a Tamogotchi is a tiny digital pet. It starts as an egg and slowly grows into a different sort of creature. The game keeps you on your toes, making you feed, play with and clean up after the pet to prevent it from dying.




Since launching, more than 82-million Tamogotchi's have sold around the world. Despite the fad disappearing for much of the past two decades, they've always been on sale in Japan.


Apparently only a limited number of the throw-back Tamagotchi are made though, so if you're a dye hard fan, waste no time ordering!