Where To Grab A Bowl Of Soup In Adelaide This Winter

Who doesn't love soup!?

Where To Grab A Bowl Of Soup In Adelaide This Winter

Image: @soupafoodz

Feel like soup for lunch or dinner? Winter is the perfect time to explore the world of soup – which is probably a lot more diverse than you realised! 

Here are a few spots where you can grab a steaming hot bowl of soup in Adelaide…

Soupa Foodz

Can you say soup experts? With a huge range of soups on rotation you’ll definitely find something you like here!

4/118 King William Street, Adelaide 5000



Lunchroom Est 1998

These guys have different homemade soups as specials on their menu.

132 Grenfell St, Adelaide



Borsch Café

This locale is literally named after a soup – classic Ukrainian beetroot borsch. There are several Polish soups on the menu as well.

302a King William Street,  Adelaide



Adelaide Pho 

Got a craving for Vietnamese? A bowl of pho is a perfect winter dish.

199 Waymouth Street, Adelaide



Ramen & Izakaya Himeji

Ramen needs to be on your radar this winter. There’s so many flavourings and toppings available that you’ll never get bored.

22-24 Grote Street Adelaide  



Laksa House

Nothing warms you up like a bowl of Malaysian curry laksa!

214 Hutt Street, Adelaide